This blog is dedicated to the environmental well-being of our Florida coastal habitat.

This blog is
dedicated to the environmental well-being of coastal habitat.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

County wavers on 700-foot beach pier
- Anna Maria Island News

BIEO discusses resolutions against offshore drilling
- Anna Maria Islander

Woman tackles great garbage pit

Ringling Causeway Fishing Piers

The T.J. "Tony" Saprito Fishing Pier, off the east side of Ringling Causeway, is a great place to walk and see all kinds of birds and freshly caught fish. The toadfish in the following article is an example.

There is also an old pier just east which is popular. (Be prepared to climb over large rocks.)


This toadfish was caught off the Ringling Bridge fishing pier.

"The toadfish comprise the family Brachoididae, the only family in the ray-finned fish order Batrachoidiformes. Both the English common name and scientific name refer to their toad-like appearance (batrakhos is Greek for frog).

Toadfish are benthic ambush predators that favor sandy or muddy substrates where their cryptic coloration helps them avoid detection by their prey . Toadfish are well known for their ability to "sing", males in particular using the swim bladder as a sound-production device used to attract mates." -

Interactive internet forum debates offshoredrilling
-Sarasota Herald Tribune

Snake Bight to become a no-combustible-motor zone
- Florida Keys News

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Florida's Path to Clean Energy

Sarasota Democratic Party's Position:

"Drilling for oil off Florida’s coasts is a bad idea on so many levels it’s hard to believe we even need to spend time and energy fighting it. But big oil has friends in high places and even more unlikely co-conspirators like members of the state’s solar energy industry. So what do we do? Stand by and let the bulldozer run us over?!? Heck NO!!! We fight back. How? With knowledge and strength in numbers! The oil lobby may have unlimited resources to buy votes and peddle influence, but we have PASSION, COMMITMENT and FLORIDA’S BEST INTEREST @ HEART.

Come hear Susan Glickman, a consultant to the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, give us the knowledge and power we need to defeat this travesty. We’ll learn there are ways to save money on electric bills by investing in conservation and renewable energy technologies rather than build new, more expensive power plants. We’ll learn what other opposition is planned, and how we can join the fight."


Sarasota CountyDemocratic Headquarters
7358 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota
(In the Coral Cove Mall - Map)

Wednesday, October 28
Noon-1:30 pm

How do I register?
Call 330-9400 or email:
Suggested donation: $10 pp

Seats are limited ...
so reserve yours today!

Drilling benefits unproven to Florida
- Sarasota Herald Tribune

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

SE American Littoral Society Picnic


October 24 at Blackburn Point beginning at noon.
We will supply hot dogs, rolls, fire etc. Bring your own chair. Bring a drink or a dish to share. Call if you are coming and checkout your contribution. BLACKBURN POINT

Contact the Daytons at 941- 493-5087 for additional info.

Bring your camera. Take a few photos and email them to

Drifting the coast for places to lay sand
- Anna Maria Island News

Anna Maria Island Bridge P.D. & E. Study

Manatee concerns snag river project
- Sarasota Herald Tribune

Monday, October 12, 2009

Bennett wants to delay offshore drilling debate
- Sarasota Herald Tribune

October 17 - 1st Annual Monofilament Cleanup

Sarasota Bay Watch

Sarasota Bay birds need your help! Join Sarasota Bay Watch on October 17 for the 1st Annual Monofilament Cleanup! For more information visit the Sarasota Bay Watch website.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sarasota shoreline 1840

Seth Eastman painted the coast near "Indian Beach"
in North Sarasota in 1840.
There was a U.S. Army encampment at Indian Beach during the 2nd Seminole War.
(Double-click sign for readable image)
Watch for more "blogspots" labeled "Florida Shoreline History".

Low turtle count not unusual
- First Coast News

Lady Lisa skirting shores
- St. Augustine Record

Ship strike in gulf likely killed whale
- Tampa Bay Online

A right to enjoy the beach
- Sarasota Herald Tribune

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Anna Maria - Beach Access

Near the northwest tip of Anna Maria Island, on the Gulf side, north of Pine Ave. and Gulf Dr., the beaches are wide with few people on a week day. However, there is no parking at the access point. One can park on the street on the main road and walk block or so. at the Sandbar Restuarant and take a walk.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Anna Maria Island - Northeast Tip

Along the northeast tip of Anna Maria Island,
the beach is eroding away.
Steps leading to "beach"
The Skyway Bridge crossing Tampa Bay lies to the northeast.
Passage Key, between Anna Maria Island and Egmont Key,
was underwater during high tide.
"Less than a mile to the north lies Passage Key, marking the southerly entrance into Tampa Bay. Since Ponce de Leon explored this coast in 1513, this island has served to guide ships into the great bay beyond called by early Spanish explorers "Bahia del Espirto Santo". After being named "Isla de Sanfrancisco y Leon" by the Spanish in 1757 and renamed "Burnaby Island" by the English in 1765, it was later named "Pollux Key", corresponding with the name "Castor Key" given to nearby Egmont Key. The island finally became known as "Cayo de Pasaje" in 1783, during the second Spanish occupation. This is the origin of today's name - Passage Key. Formerly much larger than it is today, the island contained a fresh water lake surrounded by large trees."

Reef Rescue: ... Staghorn Coral
- Palm Beach Post