This blog is dedicated to the environmental well-being of our Florida coastal habitat.

This blog is
dedicated to the environmental well-being of coastal habitat.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sneek peek at Littoral Society Sarasota area BAY LIFE SEARCH schedule

Here is the Bay Life Search schedule for May through Oct::
May 15 Bird Key
June 19 Lemon Bay Park
July 17 Blackburn Pt.
Aug. 21 Quick Point
Sept. 18 Bird Key
Oct. 9 Lemon Bay Park

Friday, February 5, 2010

New Website Makes Discovering Sarasota County’s Natural Assets A Walk in the Park

The Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau (SCVB) is proud to announce the brand new Discover Natural Sarasota Countywebsite, It is the first time so much information about Sarasota County’s natural assets is brought together to help tourists and residents enjoy Sarasota’s great outdoors and learn about environmental stewardship. The brand new website is just the beginning when it comes to making this information accessible to the public. Soon the SCVB will embark on a heavy advertising, public relations and viral/social media campaign to further spread the message of Sarasota County’s amazing natural assets.

The website focuses on authentic Florida experiences and includes Sarasota County’s bays, beaches, the Gulf, parks and preserves, and rivers. It is organized so visitors readily can find information based on their interests. For instance, a drop-down menu under the Wildlife heading takes you to all the great sites for bird watching. Or a visitor can search by activity. Want to find all the places to go kayaking or hiking? Click on those drop-down menus and learn both about the well-known parks as well as little-known gateways. Are you more interested in fishing, horseback riding, or camping? Looking for pet friendly outdoor activities? Or perhaps a great spot for a family picnic? Drop-down menus and articles full of detailed recommendations will send you on your way to great outdoor experiences.

All the natural assets included on the website are managed with the goal of preserving ecosystems while providing access to nature-based recreation. Additional venues, both indoors and outdoors, provide opportunities to learn about the science of nature and the environment. The newly designed “Discover Natural Sarasota County” website went live this week.

“The Discover Natural Sarasota County website demonstrates a tremendous county-wide collaborative effort of more than 20 people contributing content about 64 different locations in Sarasota County,” states SCVB Director of Marketing & Sales, Anne Zavorskas. “We are thrilled at the initial feedback from the launch of the website and we look forward to making additional enhancements for phase two next year.”

Myriam Springuel, Executive Director of the Science and Environment Council of Sarasota County added, “People come to Sarasota Countyfor its natural beauty but our interconnected eco-systems are vulnerable. By helping visitors and residents learn about and experience the outdoors, we help them care about the natural assets that make Sarasota so special, and thus participate in the County’s legacy of preserving the environment.”

The new website was developed by the SCVB, in partnership with Sarasota County Government, the Science and Environment Council of Sarasota County, and the Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast. The goals of the website are to stimulate awareness of Sarasota Countyas a nature destination and to provide information about Sarasota County’s tourism-related natural assets.

The Sarasota Convention & Visitors Bureau leads and supports the tourism industry in Sarasota County by providing the highest quality, and most innovative, marketing programs and promotions to ensure the continued growth of tourism and travel from visitors around the world.

The Science and Environmental Council of Sarasota County’s mission is to promote and advocate science, conservation, and environmental issues in Sarasota County for maintaining and improving quality of life through education, public outreach, demonstration, information gathering and analysis, and special projects.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Protesters oppose offshore drilling

On Saturday, the Sierra Club, Audubon Society and Sarasota County Council of Neighborhood Associations will demonstrate at Manatee Public Beach in Holmes Beach and Siesta Public Beach in Sarasota to show their opposition to offshore oil drilling.

The protests will start at 1 p.m.

Demonstrators intend to wear black to symbolize the appearance of an oil spill on the beaches.

For more information, call Renee Moss at (941) 232-2029 or Don Kirkley at (941) 493-3085.

- Sarasota Herald Tribune

Sharks kill man at florida beach

For latest info, see:

- West Palm Beach News

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Lemon Bay: Creating a Sustainable Watershed - Workshop 2010

Charlotte Harbor Environmental Center at Cedar Point Environmental Park

Saturday, March 6, 2010 Water In

  • Presentation on “Southwest Florida Watershed: Aquifers and Groundwater”
  • Walking tour of Englewood Water District’s water plant to learn about our local drinking water source.

Saturday, March 13, 2010 Water Out

  • Presentation on “Water Usage and Conservation”
  • Field trip to Englewood Reclamation Facility to see first-hand how our reclaimed water is made from wastewater and the recycling of biosolids.

Saturday, March 20, 2010 Sustainable Citizen Actions

· Learn about marine organisms through hands-on programs in and on Lemon Bay. This program will examine human impacts and how citizens can protect our waters.

All programs will meet daily at

Cedar Point Environmental Park

2300 Placida Road, Englewood, Florida

then car-pool to field trip location.

9 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

Space is limited. Reservations required.

For further information and to register, call (941) 475-0769

NEW CCfunding-manasota-peaceCHEC logo 2

Bobbi Rodgers, Resource Manager, CHEC/Cedar Point Environmental Park, (941) 475-0769

Researchers warn of drilling dangers
- Panama City News Herald

Pier gone, bids in for Manatee beach concession
- Anna Maria Islander

Turtle Beach changes due by summer
- Sarasota Herald Tribune