This blog is dedicated to the environmental well-being of our Florida coastal habitat.

This blog is
dedicated to the environmental well-being of coastal habitat.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bud Doyle's Beach Walks

Join Bud for free beach walks at Casperson Beach and Venice Beach

The second Tuesday of each month we will be at Caspersen Beach at the south end of Harbor Drive in Venice.  This is Sarasota County's "rural" beach.  We walk down the beach and return on a trail that winds through the coastal forest behind the beach.  Along the way we beach comb, talk about the Gulf of Mexico, and look at various birds, shells, and plants. 
The second Thursday of each month we will be at North Jetty Beach Park at the south end of Casey Key Rd. one of Florida's great shelling beaches.  We will walk along the beach, Venice Inlet's North Jetty, the Inlet, and the mangroves on the shoreline of Lyon's Bay.

Bud Doyle's Guided Beach Walk Schedule for 2012/2013
(walks are held at Caspersen Beach and North Jetty Beach
Park in the Venice, FL area)
12/11/12:  Caspersen Beach
12/13/12:  North Jetty Beach Park
1/08/13:    Caspersen Beach
1/10/13:    North Jetty Beach Park
2/12/13:    Caspersen Beach
2/14/13:    North Jetty Beach Park
3/12/13:    Caspersen Beach
3/14/13:    North Jetty Beach Park
4/09/13:    Caspersen Beach
4/11/13:    North Jetty Beach Park
The walks are free, open to the general public, are educational, and fun.  We begin at 9am and finish up at 11am.
For information, call Bud at 941 468-1849.